Taking Advantage of Digital Advertising & Social Media Activation Strategies to Create Unconcontested Market Space & Drive the Success of Future Business.

There’s serious Titanic battles going on among organisations in the market place, and industries are faced with intense competition and recession, the poorly patronized and positioned businesses are increasingly being swept aside.

By 2020 there’ll be half a billion internet users in Africa, presenting an opportunity for African businesses. The Internet is at the heart of economic growth, and organisations can leverage on digitals skills to help elevate, position, deliver exceptional results and compete globally. Moreover, organisations are to leverage on the power of digital in bringing about new and exciting ways to grow businesses.

With the rapid shift of advertising money away from traditional media to online platforms, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals, business owners and SMEs to be well-versed in digital media and business innovation experience management that drive the future of marketing. Successful understanding and application of digital initiatives can help organisations target the right customers, increase sales and revenue and ultimately increase profit. Our training will provide the relevant information and tools necessary for individuals and small and medium businesses leverage on the various digital platforms. Our training curriculum includes the following:


  • Understanding the digital landscape, driving the future of marketing
  • The digital opportunity
  • Marketing & digital marketing
  • Principles of digital marketing
  • Fundamentals of Media Planning
  • Customer Insight & Branding Essentials
  • Conducting competitor analysis
  • Executing effective media strategy
  • Be Noticed with Search Ads
  • Make Search Work for You & Help People Nearby Find You Online
  • Connecting Through Emails
  • Expand International
  • Find Success with Analytics
  • Get Noticed with Social Media
  • Get Started with Content Marketing
  • Make Mobile Work for You
  • Materials and resources available for the following global certifications:
  • Google Digital Skills Certification (completion of Digital Skills courses of 26 modules covering wide range of subjects from marketing fundamentals, search, email, social media, display, video, e-commerce, geo-targeting and analytics)
  • Facebook Blueprint e-Learning Program
  • Twitter Flight School
  • Certificate of participation to be awarded.


Duration 5 days
Days Monday through Friday
Time 8am


Tomorrow’s competitors look nothing like yesterday’s foe



Every company can succeed online, start a new product/services, grow the existing one, or share their passion with others. With over 80 million Nigerians having access to the internet and a large number of also very active on Social media platforms daily, the game has now moved ONLINE.

We will be expecting to hear from you and look forward to partnering with you.  Our team is committed to helping organisations position early and makes the most of the digital revolution.



Our Professional Consideration

Our professional fee is normally based on the level of skill involved, man-hour associated in carrying out the assignment and our mindset to building lasting relationships with our clients.




AMOUNT (Naira)
1 PROFESSIONAL COACHING ON DIGITAL Digital Business Innovation That Drive The Future Of Marketing n/a 1 50,000
  TOTAL       50,000



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