Unique Social Media Marketing Tips by Experts to Increase Sale of Online Store

People or businesses, social media is a handy tool at the disposal of every one that can be a game changer. While some are lucky enough to get overnight success on social media, such cannot be the case with everyone. But the good thing is, if you move forth with the right approach and put continuous efforts, success is assured.

If, like millions of others, you too are looking for the right ways to get on with the social media marketing, then be glad to have landed on the right place. Here we have gathered social media marketing insights provided by the industry experts. These experts include from world’s leading digital marketers to the strategists behind the most successful and cutting edge technology solutions.

Without further ado let’s learn what valuable advice these experts have to provide on social media marketing.

Social Media Tips by Sam Hurley

Facebook is a goldmine for growing your online store:

  1. Utilise the many options available to you as a brand page. Include the ‘Shop Now’ button and even promote it with ad spend to gain even more clicks.
  2. Set up a Facebook Shop right on your page. Your customers can buy directly from this social shop and considering the rise of mobile usage, this is awesome for convenience.
  3. Get active in FB groups relevant to your niche. Connections and relationships = word of mouth interest which indirectly leads to sales.
  4. Facebook ads. Use them. Now! They are very cheap if optimized correctly.

Twitter can also be utilized to get more sales for your online store:

  1. Use the search function to actively find conversations relevant to your products. You can then jump on these (not in a promotional manner) and begin to strike up relationships with these people. Now, add them to a list and engage regularly.
    For instance, if you sell hover boards…
    “hover board”
    “hover tech”
    “hovering” “tech”
  2. Similar to above, search for influencers within your niche and build a rapport for mutual benefit:
    “tech” “influencer”
    “millennial” “tech” “speaker”
    “tech” “author”
  3. Be exceptionally responsive and friendly to customer complaints or questions from the public. This ultimately promotes your brand and eventually leads to sales, reputation and a great feeling!
  4. Use a human Twitter profile for interactions instead of a faceless brand. People will be much more receptive, willing to cooperate and buy from you.

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